Learn How To Increase Engagement On Instagram With 7 Strategic Actions

The engagement in Instagram is undoubtedly one of the metrics most accompanied by those who have a commercial profile in this network and want to have more and more proximity to the audience itself.

It is through this data that we follow the interactions (likes, comments, and shares, for example) that are generated from the published content and show whether those posts make sense to our personas or not.

But as engagement is not always achieved with such simplicity, it is important to always pay attention to what generates rapprochement with your audience and look for tactics that can help in this process.

So in this article, in addition to showing in more detail why engagement on Instagram is so valuable, we’ve also selected 7 tips to help increase it. Check out!

Why is engagement on Instagram so important?

Whether on Instagram or on any social network, engagement is essential to create a close relationship with the public and generate authority for your brand.

As much as likes or views are considered vanity metrics in a digital marketing strategy, it is this information that helps to understand if your content is attractive and generates relevance for your audience.

After all, there is no point in having thousands of followers if your content does not connect and interact with them, is it not? 

Thus, following engagement on Instagram is a way to understand what works, connect with your persona and deliver posts that really help you on a daily basis.

In addition, having a good engagement with your audience facilitates the expansion of your profile, the arrival of new followers, and increases confidence in your brand, making it a reference on the social network.

7 ways in which you can increase your engagement rate on Instagram

However, we know that it’s not always that simple to maintain high engagement rates on Instagram and you have to work hard for that. 

But there are tips that help in the process and can work very well on your profile. Below, you can see 7 that is extremely relevant!

1. Publish quality content to your audience

There’s no way, the first and best tip for having a good engagement on Instagram is to plan and publish content that has the quality and is aligned with the needs of your audience.

For this, it is essential to study their personas, understand their pains and map how their content and brand can help them overcome their challenges. 

All of this will lead to the creation of informative, interactive, useful posts that are attractive to your followers. The higher the quality, the greater the engagement!

2. Create a good visual identity for the profile

Along with the quality of the content, another important point is the creation of an attractive visual identity, which makes your company stand out and generate engagement also with visual appeal.

From the choice of colors and fonts to the organization of the feed, it is important that the profile is aligned with the brand and conveys its essence in each post.

In addition, you also need to focus on your own photos and videos that help make your content more humane and closer to followers. After all, Instagram came to create that connection between people, right?

3. Post with the right frequency

Although quality is always better than quantity, it is also relevant to maintain a certain frequency of posts to increase engagement with the public.

When you “disappear” from Instagram, people are more likely to interact less and stop making sense of following your profile. The social network itself can even decrease the reach of your content and deliver it to fewer followers over time.

Conversely, when you set a frequency (without exaggeration, of course), people who follow your brand will know what to expect and you are more likely to increase reach and engagement. You could hire a digital marketing agency which could create and post quality post by maintaining the post frequency.

4. Interact with your followers

Whether on Instagram or any other social network, interaction with followers is as important as delivering quality content to the public.

If your brand generates engagement, followers will comment, send direct messages or profile your own posts. 

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to all these interactions and create interesting responses for all of them, always thinking about the correct language and the needs of your personas.

5. Take advantage of the story features

To increase interaction with the public and engagement on Instagram, one of the best tools, including, are stories.

This format of temporary posts has gained more and more popularity since it was launched and, over time, it also received several interactive features that are extremely attractive to followers, such as polls, question boxes, profile marking, among others.

Best of all, these features are easy to use (they do not require advanced editing skills), so you can create stories to maintain engagement quite often.

6. Use hashtags that make sense for your business

Another resource that can help a lot in the visibility of your posts (and consequently, in engagement) are the famous hashtags. 

However, although they are simple to use and super useful since they generate links to content related to the term, care must be taken when selecting and using them.

For hashtags to work and attract users to your posts, it is essential that they relate to your business and the content you are publishing. 

That is, there is no point in filling the posts with several hashtags if they have nothing to do with your product or service. This can repel the audience and not attract them, so choose wisely.

7. Reset mentions from other profiles

If your followers like your brand and already interact with it, it is quite possible that they will also use the mentioning tool (in the stories posts or in the captions of the feed) to show the new product or service they have purchased, the visit to your store, among other situations.

Like all other followers, these customers deserve special attention and must even become part of your content. 

Reposts are always very valuable for generating not only engagement with your customers who made the publication, but also with all the other followers who follow your profile.

Take the opportunity to write a loving message whenever you have a mention, thank your client for your trust, and take the opportunity to generate proof of value for your work.

How to measure engagement on Instagram?

The tips for increasing engagement on Instagram are numerous, but in addition to following them, you also need to measure the results to understand exactly what is working. 

For example, the engagement metric takes into account all interaction actions related to publications (like liking, commenting, sharing, or saving) and is one of the most important to understand the relationship with the public.

But, in addition to keeping an eye on this metric specifically, it is also important to track reach, clicks on profile information, and audience characteristics.


Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.