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Losing weight is what (almost) everyone wants to look and
feel good. However, even the most difficult programs may
seem to work. So, try some of these wonderful herbs and get
ready to make a great figure to have a beautifully shaped
body again. Obesity is called Medroga in Ayurveda. It is
simply defined as a condition in which an excessive amount
of fat accumulates in the body. There are two main reasons
for this abnormal fat deposition. (I) Excessive dietary fat
intake and (ii) Metabolic problems that prevent the body
from using fat properly. Ayurveda blames agni or digestive
fires for obesity. When Agni is disturbed, amateurs (toxic
substances) accumulate in the body, leading to obesity. From
the Ayurvedic point of view, we have different kinds of
channels in our body. Whenever we eat food, food extracts
are produced that flow through various channels of the body
and reach all the organs and systems of the body. However,
sometimes some channels were blocked and most of the food
was converted to FAT. It continued to gain weight, but other
body systems such as blood, bones, and skin became weaker
and weaker. You must have felt that you weren t on an
additional diet, but your weight is increasing day by day.
The reason for weight gain is blockage of channels in the

Obesity has become a huge problem for many of us. You don t
have to be a big eater to get obese. There are many other
reasons for this problem. We have developed a very
beneficial herbal solution to cure obesity without diet,
without strenuous exercise, and most importantly without
side effects. The skin does not loosen, the cellulite
disappears, and the body is kept in perfect shape. So, it is
the time to transform the body now. Try it & lose now/>
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