Management Consulting Companies in India

Reduced production time from 22 days to 16 days (33% reduction) for a large garment manufacturer.
42% reduction in management time spent on routine daily operations for a large Madhya Pradesh based sweet manufacturer.
Increase in overall bottom-line by 18% for a garment retailer in Tamil Nadu.
BPR-led growth of a small hospital with 82 beds to 5 hospitals with 500 beds.
Helped a large retail client reduce stock by 33% along with an increase in revenue by 36%.
Sales order fulfilment rate increased by 78% for a garment manufacturer in Maharashtra.
Product replenishment lead time reduced from 32 hours to 2 hours for a hyper market player resulting in 78% reduction of stock out situations.
Average production per day increased by 28% & defects rate reduced from 1.5% to 0.6%.
100% on-time claim of supplier schemes saved revenue leakage of 27 lakhs in the 1st year for an electronics franchisee chain.
Average time to resolve services issues reduced to 2.4 days from 10 days.
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