Testing for Fluoride

Testing for Fluoride

KETOS SHIELD allows for real-time monitoring of fluoride (plus 30+ other water testing parameters) while lowering up-front costs with our industry-leading $0-CAPEX subscription model.

As an award-winning smart water management solution, KETOS SHIELD provides real-time monitoring for fluoride and 30+ other water testing parameters (including inorganic materials, heavy metals, and environmental factors). Monitor via an interoperable, modular system that uploads your data to the cloud, allowing for secure 24/7 access to water data.

Why Monitor Water for Fluoride with KETOS

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral typically released from rocks into the environment, including existing water supplies. All water contains some amount of fluoride, but the levels that occur in nature are not high enough to prevent tooth decay. Community water fluoridation has been widely initiated across the country as a cost-effective way to deliver fluoride to entire communities, reducing tooth decay by 25%. In 2018, 73% of the US population had access to community water systems containing added fluoride; the goal is to have 77% of Americans accessing water with fluoride by 2030.

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