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By default, your blog is made public and can be read globally by any one on the web. Also, we have the exclusive rights to choose who views your blog


ClassifiedAdv authorizes the use of copying software content however this is only valid temporarily and such content download is allowed strictly on the terms of non patency. The content is not allowed to be modified or commercially displayed neither is the material transferable to a third party.


ClassifiedAdv is not liable to contents posted and takes no responsibility for the outcomes in terms of views and opinions. Every content posted on the site is ‘’as is’’ and will not be associated with ClassifiedAdv in any way. All content provided is basically informative in all segments. However, we do not make representations to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or information found by following any links on this site.

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ClassifiedAdv is in no way liable to take responsibility for any content or ad damage by virtue of loss in profit or content data. The lay-out of your site cannot be changed-and there is a fixed size file upload for images of which ClassifiedAdv is not responsible for.