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Our Rice-Vietnam Group primarily produces and exports rice to a variety of nations across the globe.

The rice grain is subjected to additional processing procedures in order to produce White Rice. After that, the rice grains are crushed to remove the silver skin and germ. The multi-stage grinding procedure is carried out in a tank with a revolving cylinder stone that abrades the rice grains.

After that, special rolling machines polish the grains. As a result, the grain is smooth and attractive. This process is completed by sizing the granules to get homogeneous white granules of the same size. The finished result is white rice, which is distinguished by its pure white hue and smooth surface. The nutritional value isn’t as great as it is in whole grain.

White rice, on the other hand, has a longer shelf life than brown rice because the germ, which is particularly high in fat, is removed, and the rice can’t get rancid.

White rice takes 10-20 minutes to cook depending on the kind. The mouthful isn’t as gritty as brown rice, but it’s soft and flexible, and the particle layers eliminated during grinding and polishing may mostly be sold as feed. As a result, the full grain of rice may be used, and waste is minimal.

Rice, as a cereal grain, is the world’s most frequently eaten staple food, particularly in Asia. Customers have trusted Silver crops because of distinctive qualities such as high quality, pure, healthy, and nutritious goods at a lower price, making Silver crops one of Vietnam’s most sought after rice suppliers.

Our team’s focus on obtaining various types of rice in Vietnam is a significant step toward delivering rice with a balanced carbohydrate content at a time when the world’s population faces illnesses such as diabetes.

Our focus also guarantees that our products are manufactured in an ecologically friendly manner by using less water, while the globe grapples with a serious water issue.

We have a skilled team of specialists dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products while keeping up with changes in client preferences and the international market, ensuring that we satisfy our customers’ needs.

Contact us for safe food to eat, since we follow the country’s pesticide laws and phytosanitary procedures, cementing our position as Vietnam’s leading rice exporter.

Stages Of Our Work – Rice in Vietnam

Order Rice Sample

Rice-Vietnam will offer you with free samples. Unless the receiver already has an account, the recipient is liable for all shipping costs if the sample is sent by courier (FedEx, DHL and TNT). The regulation of export commodities is based on samples taken from the most recent season.

Payment for bulk Order

The payment currency is the United States dollar. Payment by mutual agreement using one of the following methods:

  • Cash Payments (Priority)
  • + T/T (pay in advance 30%)
  • + C.A.D (Accepted)
  • + D/P at Sight
  • + L/C at Sight

Delivery of the Rice

We always have rice in stock and can make them available at any moment. Orders from customers will be sent to our facility, where they will be processed. Credit lines with experienced personnel are available, and items will be packaged in containers with quick processing. The average delivery time is 15 days after receiving the deposit.


Our consumers don’t simply acquire things from other people; they might also be a third party or an intermediary in our transaction. We must acknowledge and appreciate each intermediary’s chances. In exchange, intermediaries will be beneficial, and we will need to discuss the commission.

Yes, we offer comprehensive rice bags packing services as we partnered with bag manufacturing companies in Vietnam. Vietnam white rice can be packed into 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20lbs, 40lbs, 25kg, or 50kg PP bags, with PE inside. White rice sacks totaling 22 metric tones are packed into a 20-foot container.

Product Description: White Rice

White Rice Specification:

Our Rice Vietnam Group is mainly producing and exporting rice to many countries in the world.

Here are the details of our rice varieties:

Specifications of White Rice 5% Broken:
Broken:5% Max (3/4 basis)
Moisture:14% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels:0.75% Max
Yellow Kernels:0.5% Max
Chalky Kernels:6% Max (3/4 Basis)
Damaged Kernels:0.75% Max
Foreign Matters:0.1% Max
Glutinous Kernels:0.5% Max
Paddy (Grains Per Kg):15 Grains Max
Milling Degree:Well Milled & Double Polished
Crop YearCurrent Crop
Specifications of White Rice 10% Broken:
Brokens:10% Max (3/4 basis)
Moisture:14% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels:1.5% Max
Yellow Kernels:0.5% Max
Chalky kernels:6% Max 3/4 basis)
Damaged Kernels:1% Max
Foreign Matters:0.2% Max
Glutinous Kernels:1% Max
Paddy (Grains Per Kg):20 Grains Max
Milling Degree:Well Milled & Polished
Average Length of Whole Grain:6.2 MM
Crop:Current Crop
Specifications of White Rice 15% Broken:
Broken15% Max
Moisture:14% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels:2.5% Max
Yellow Kernels:::14% Max
Chalky kernels:7% Max (3/4 basis)
Damaged Kernels:1% Max
Foreign Matters:0.2% Max
Glutinous Kernels:1.5% Max
Paddy (Grains Per Kg):20 Grains Max
Milling Degree:Well Milled
Average Length of Whole Grain:6.2 MM
Crop:Current Crop
Specifications of White Rice 25% Broken:
Brokens:25% Max (1/2 basis)
Moisture:14.5% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels:5% Max
Yellow Kernels:1.5% Max
Chalky kernels:8% Max (3/4 basis)
Damaged Kernels:2.5% Max
Foreign Matters:0.5% Max
Glutinous Kernels:1.5% Max
Paddy (Grains Per Kg):30 Grains Max
Milling Degree:Reasonably Milled
Average Length of Whole Grain:6.2 MM
Crop:Current Crop
Specifications of White Rice 100% Broken:
Grain Average Length:Above 6.2 MM
Whole Kernels 10/10:1% Max
Broken 8/10 Up To Whole Grain:4% Max
Broken 6.5/10 to 8/10:15% Max
Broken 3/10 – 6.5/10:75% Min
Small Brokens C1:5% Max
Moisture:14% Max
Foreign Matters & Paddy:0.5% Max
Milling Degree:Brokens To Be Obtained From Milling/Polishing Rice: 5% & 10% Only
Milling Degree:Reasonably Milled
Crop:Current Crop

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