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Write for us business, digital marketing, technology – This provides bloggers with a perfect chance to submit guest posts on our website. On our technology company site, we regularly spotlight and tend to feature guest authors.

ClassifiedAdv is the fastest technology blogging site for news in the world. We are an increasingly growing forum and are now proud to announce that guest posts will be approved. Writing with us will help you uplift our devoted readers with your thoughts and creations. Your articles on technology, industry, and digital marketing are cordially invited if it does tickle your fancy.

The rules and procedure to be followed when being with us are below. Parameters that should be followed throughout the content.

What We are Looking for?

For our blog and website, we are looking for a community of young and enthusiastic people to write fascinating and insightful articles on technology, industry, SEO and digital marketing topics for us. We are here to welcome your suggestions, no matter whether you are a novice or an expert.

Our audience: Our website attracts more than 50,000 page visits from technology and small business owners worldwide every month.

Our following: We have also shared our content with our powerful Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media networks to help you increase your awareness and emphasize new ideas and whereabouts.

Write For Us on the following these Topics:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • PPC
  • How to
  • Tips and tricks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Content Marketing
  • Finance
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Trending News
  • Online Business
  • Health
  • Education
  • Loan & Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Reviews

On any of the above topic subjects, you are entitled to submit guest blogs.

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Guidelines to Write For Us Technology, business, and Digital Marketing

You acknowledge that you adhere to these terms by sending a guest post for our consideration.

1. Quality:

Content must be well written and fact-oriented so that its validity does not raise a question mark. Rather than an endorsement, it must be creative and user-friendly. Posts of real-world situations would be accompanied by insightful tips.

2. Originality:

Provide the origins of the data to preserve credibility and keep your work free from plagiarism. Until publishing, we review it. Both guest posts should be genuine and special (never before published). Your guest post is not expected to feature on the search engine anywhere. You grant us the rights to be the owner of your content until your post is accepted for publication and also guarantee that you are the owner of your content material.

3. Topics:

The best fits on our pages are research, technology, digital marketing and business and use the search box at the top of the web to see if we already have content relevant to your topic. Try to accept a particular perspective of the article that is not covered in the current version, if we do, and post a new one.

4. Format:

Format makes the reader easy to navigate through and becomes an eye catcher, so the post should be in a well-maintained format, i.e. good use of bullets, headings, paragraphs, etc.

  • Render sentences correct and comprehensible.
  • Bullet points help to distinguish and make the article appear neat between each point.
  • For long articles which ignore the look of the paragraph, use bold highlights.

5. Links:

All links used in the article should be coherent and must be from high-quality sources, and the article specifically excludes advertising links. If you have up to 1500-2000 words of a full detailed post, then in the author bio, we send the source dofollow link juice connection.

6. Word limit:

The minimum word limit is 1500 but can be met because one of our core mottos is to make passage insightful.

7. Sponsored post:

To write posts/reviews/promotions funded on our website. Please drop an email to [email protected] about the funded post opportunity.

8. Images:

Attach a minimum of 3 images related to content to use in the article. Images should be lightweight (<100kb)

9. Article Removal Request:

It will become the exclusive property of our website if your article is accepted and published on our website. No withdrawal requests will be accepted.

10. Author Bio:

Writers shall have details as follows:

  • Your email address will be kept completely private.
  • A simple bio, 50 or less words (may include a link to the company website)
  • A head-shot (using the email address you have, you can make it clearer for us by uploading your head-shot to Gravatar)
  • If you are interested in promoting your work through us, you can have some social media links.
  • In order to prevent ambiguities, we will not allocate your post to a business; we will represent your article on your behalf as there is only single ownership.

Write for Us Technology, Business and Digital Marketing

Please submit your subject ideas with the reported work on our email ID if you agree to the terms and conditions: [email protected]


To be done:

To keep the content social, apply your own opinions. Create your opinions and ideas and never fail to publish frequently asked questions with responses at the end of the post, all of which facilitate two-way contact.

Be the guide of a reader and make your observations fascinating as if in each coming paragraph a teacher makes him/her conscious of novelty.

Support the photographs, pics, images in your writings whenever possible, bearing in mind that the images subject to copyright are not included. 800px photos are preferable.

Be aware of false news. Should you find anything odd, do a quick fact check. In order to make your writings concrete support them with research, studies and developments.

Your heading should specifically show the intent of the passage in the same way as the purpose of the paragraph is stated in the subheadings.

Not to be done:

Do not echo the arguments, stop circumlocution, make a post verbose and prolix.

If you have already posted it somewhere else, do not bother to share your post with us.

Segment copy and paste is not permitted, it has to be your own creation. Citations should only be copied of evidence or quotations.

Don’t bury the spelling. The article does not contain grammatical or spelling mistakes, but must have been carefully updated before submitting it to us.

When you give us your message, it will take up to 10 days to publish it. We remind you not to send follow-up texts, just to bear with us.

How to Submit an Article on ClassifiedAdv?

If your article is ready, give us an email to [email protected] if it meets our instructions.

On our website, we look forward to supporting your important work and honoring you as a guest writer.

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